The scholarship of Dean Hashimoto focuses on the interface of law, science and
medicine, especially in the areas of health care policy and the role of scientific
evidence in the courtroom. Educated as both an attorney and physician, he teaches torts,
environmental litigation, health care law, and evidence. He has also studied the
internment of citizens and aliens of Japanese heritage in World War II and written about
the constitutional law cases decided in that era. Professor Hashimoto is the faculty
director for the Boston College Law School's JD/MPH dual degree program with Tufts
School of Medicine. 

Professor Hashimoto served as a Notes Editor on the Yale Law Journal and, after
graduating from law school, as a law clerk to Justice William Brennan of the U.S. Supreme
Court and Judge David Bazelon of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. He also
practiced as a litigator for the Williams & Connolly law firm in Washington, D.C. and
as a health care attorney for Ropes & Gray in Boston before joining the Boston
College faculty. 

Professor Hashimoto received his postgraduate medical training at the Brigham and
Women's Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health. He is a board-certified
specialist in occupational and environmental medicine and serves as the chief of this
specialty at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Brigham and Women's

Professor Hashimoto's current research focuses on the impact of law and regulation,
especially health care reform, on health care delivery. He is the on-site principle
investigator of the impact of corporate organization, policies, and regulation on the
health and well-being of hospital employees. This research involves a collaboration
between the Harvard Center for Work, Health, and Well-Being and Partners HealthCare
System and is funded by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.
Professor Hashimoto has also collaborated with researchers at the Workers Compensation
Research Institute to evaluate the impact of health care delivery in the workers'
compensation system. 

Law and Medicine


Understanding the Hospital Sharps Injury Reporting Pathway (with Leslie I. Boden, Yolanta V. Petrofsky, Karen Hopcia, and Gregory R. Wagner), American Journal of Industrial Medicine (2014)

Background: Patient-care workers are frequently exposed to sharps injuries, which can involve the risk of...



Impact of Organizational Policies and Practices on Workplace Injuries in a Hospital Setting (with G. Sembajwe, L. I. Bodden, J. T. Dennerlein, G. R. Wagner, C. Kenwood, A. M. Stoddard, S. Reme, K. Hopcia, W. S. Shaw, and G. Sorensen), Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (2014)

Objective: This study aimed to assess relationships between perceptions of organizational practices and policies (OPP),...



Physical Activity and Body Mass Index: The Contribution of Age and Workplace Characteristics (with Gregory R. Wagner, Alberto J. Caban-Martinez, Orfeu M. Buxton, Cristopher T. Kenwood, Erika L. Sabbath, Karen Hopcia, Jennifer Allen, and Glorian Sorensen), American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2014)

Background: The workplace is an important domain for adults, and many effective interventions targeting physical...



Integration of Health Protection and Health Promotion: Rationale, Indicators, and Metrics (with Glorian Sorenson, Deborah McClellan, Jack T. Dennerlein, Nicolaas P. Pronk, Jennifer D. Allen, Leslie I. Boden, Cassadra Okechukwu, Anne Stoddard, and Gregory Wagner), Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (2013)

Objective: To offer a definition of an “integrated” approach to worker health and operationalize this...



Results of a Pilot Intervention to Improve Health and Safety for Health Care Workers (with Caitlin Eicher Caspi, Jack T. Dennerlein, Christopher Kenwood, Anne M. Stoddard, Karen Hopcia, and Glorian Sorensen), Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (2013)

Objective: To test the feasibility of a multicomponent pilot intervention to improve worker safety and...


Scientific Evidence

Judging Scientific Evidence at the Cutting Edge, Conference for Massachusetts Apellate Judges (2006)


Science as Mythology in Constitutional Law, Oregon Law Review (1997)

Japanese Internment in World War II


The Legacy of Korematsu v. United States: A Dangerous Narrative Retold, UCLA Asian Pacific American Law Journal (1996)
Casualties of War, Boston College Magazine (1993)

Selected Professional Activities

Keynote Address, Potential Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on the Colorado Workers’ Compensation System, 2014 Colorado Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation in association with the International Workers’ Compensation Foundation (2015)
The Impact of Workplace Policies In the Safety, Health, and Well-Being of Hospital Workers, Advancing Research and Scholarship at Boston College (2014)
The Affordable Care Act’s Projected Impact on Workers’ Compensation, Workers Compensation Institute Conference (2014)
Reforming Workers’ Compensation In Light of the Affordable Care Act, Brown Bag Presentation, Boston College Law School (2014)
The Affordable Care Act’s Impact on the Practice of Occupational Medicine and the Implications for Public Health Surveillance, Northeast Regional Occupational Disease and Injury Surveillance Conference (2014)