My work examines interconnected migration and nationality policies in the Americas
and Europe as a way to understand political membership and belonging from a transnational
perspective. His research interests broadly include: race and ethnicity (Ph.D field exam
in this area), social inequalities, international migration, citizenship, sociology of
Latin America, political sociology, sociology of law, sociology of religion,
historical-comparative and ethnographic methods (Ph.D. field exam in this area). 

I am especially interested in the relationship between ethnic legal categories and
ideologies of universal equality. My work appears in the Journal of Historical Sociology,
the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, the Journal of Interdisciplinary History and
Citizenship Studies. I have also published chapters on transnational religious networks,
ethnic return migration, and Latin American migrations to Spain. 

I am currently working on a mixed-methods project entitled Race, Immigration and
Citizenship in the Americas that studies the links between political liberalism and
racialized preferences in the immigration and nationality laws of 22 countries in the
Americas since 1850. 



Liberalism and the Limits of Inclusion: Race and Immigration Law in the Americas, 1850-2000 (with David FitzGerald), Journal of Interdisciplinary History (2010)

The relationship between classical political liberalism and racism poses distinct puzzles for different schools of...



The Problem with Similarity: Ethnic Affinity Migrants in Spain (with Anahi Viladrich), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2009)

Politics that give a privileged migratory or citizenship status to individuals abroad because of presumed...



Rules, Red Tape, and Paperwork: The Archeology of State Control over Migrants, 1850-1930, Journal of Historical Sociology (2008)

Conventional accounts of a drastic shift to migration restriction after World War I following a...



Soldiers and Wayward Women: Gendered Citizenship, and Migration Policy in Argentina, Italy, and Spain since 1850, Citizenship Studies (2006)

Policies that regulate peoples international movement and their state membership have historically made distinctions based...



Contributions to Books

Demography of Race and Ethnicity in Argentina, International Handbook of the Demography of Race and Ethnicity (2012)

Migration Control, The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migrations (2012)


Imagined Homecomings: The Problem with Similarity among Ethnic Return Migrants in Spain, Imagined Homecomings: The Problem with Similarity among Ethnic Return Migrants in Spain (2009)


An Argentine Evangelical Church: Twilight of a Transnational Field?, Religion Across Borders: Transnational Immigrant Networks (2002)


Iglesia Cristiana Evangélica: Arriving in the Pipeline, Religion and the New Immigrants: Continuities and Adaptations in Immigrant Congregations (2000)

Book Reviews

Works in Progress

From Eugenics to Antiracism: The Role of International Conferences and Organizations in the Interwar and in the Postwar (2011)

We argue that that the very intergovernmental organizations devised by the United States to consolidate...


Enduring Preferences and Foregone Exclusions: Argentine Immigration and Nationality Law in Historical-Comparative Perspective (2011)

This paper explains (1) the early preference in Argentine immigration law for Europeans and its...


Brazilian Immigration Policy (2011)

Immigration and nationality policy in Brazil have been shaped by some of the country’s peculiar...