Dr. Melzer became a faculty member at Sacred Heart University in the Fall of 2009.
Before joining the psychology department she taught at Adelphi University, Stonehill
College and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst teaching both traditional and
online classes. She encourages an interactive classroom and strives to create an
environment in which students feel comfortable expressing their ideas to enhance
classroom discussions. She incorporates her research experience with young children into
her classes and looks forward to collaborating with her students as she begins her
research program here at Sacred Heart. 

-Ph.D. and M.S. University of Massachusetts at Amherst -B.A. State University of New York
at Binghamton 

Teaching Responsibilities: -Child Development -Lifespan Development -Introduction to
Psychology -Research Methods 

Research interests: Cognitive development, specifically how young children understand and
interpret other people’s thoughts and behaviors. Other topics include language
development, effects of media on cognitive abilities and later adolescent body image and
self esteem. 



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Studies on pretense mental state understanding in young children have produced inconsistent findings. These findings...



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The daughter-guarding hypothesis posits that “parents possess adaptations with design features that function to defend...



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