Dr. David Morgan Lochhead, 1936-1999 was, at the time of his death, Professor of
Theology at the Vancouver School of Theology. His book, "Theology in a Digital
World", 1988, began a study into the theological questions posed by computers and
computer communication. 

Dr. Lochhead died in Saskatoon in June, 1999 

Works by David Morgan Lochhead


Technology and Distance Education - Lecture 1, Dr. Lochhead's writings (1997)

First of three talks presented to the SACEM Annual Meeting, Brite Divinity School, Fort Worth,...



Living in Virtual Un/reality, Dr. Lochhead's writings (1995)

Reality and Cyberspace. The Opening Address to the Ecunet '95 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, May...



Technology, Communication and the Future, Dr. Lochhead's writings (1995)

The future in a "society of generalized communications." final reflection at Ecunet '95, Baltimore, Maryland,...



Theology and Interpretation: A Footnote to McLuhan, Journal of Theology, Dayton United Theological Seminary (1994)

An exploration of the impact of electronic text on hermeneutics. Lochhead argues that electronic text...



A Software World, Dr. Lochhead's writings (1991)

What are the consequences when software defines reality? This essay was prepared for presentation at...


Works about David Morgan Lochhead


Theology in a Digital World (Review), Canadian Journal of Communication (1991)

David Lochhead Symposium - VST Vancouver, October 2006


Exodus from Eden: Comprehending our creation in an un/real world, David Lochhead Symposium, October 14-16, 2006 (2006)

Rev. Curis S. Ackey. Keynote Address Presented October 14, 2006 at the David Lochhead Memorial...



Getting Real in Virtual Reality, David Lochhead Symposium October 14-16, 2006 (2006)

Address of Dr. Debbie Herring at the David Lochhead Memorial Symposium, October 14-16, 2006. Dr....


The Night of October 2, 1984, Symposium October 14-16, 2006 (2006)

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The night of October 2, 1984, David Lochhead Symposium Oct 14-16 (2006)

October 2, 1984 David Lochhead made an address on the occasion of his becoming Full...


Journal Reviews


Theology in a Digital World (Review), Canadian Journal of Communication (1991)

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Theology in a Digital World, Vancouver School of Theology (1984)

Speech at David Lochhead's promotion to Full Professor of Thelogy.