I am a senior economist at the Labor Markets and Social Security Unit of the
Inter-American Development Bank in Mexico City. My areas of interest are labor economics,
labor-market rigidities, worker and job flows, and empirical studies of litigation and



Exports and Within-Plant Wage Distributions: Evidence from Mexico (with Judith A. Frias and Eric Verhoogen), American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings (2012)

This paper has had the modest goal of establishing several facts about the effect of...



Entry Regulation and Business Start-ups: Evidence from Mexico (with Eduardo Piedra and Enrique Seira), Journal of Public Economics (2011)

We estimate the effect on business start-ups of a program that significantly speeds up firm...



What Influences Firms’ Perceptions? (with Vikram Pathania), Journal of Comparative Economics (2010)

Perceptions-based indicators are sometimes used to measure the quality of the business environment. For instance,...



Job Creation and Labor Reform in Latin America, Journal of Comparative Economics (2009)

This paper studies the effects of labor-regulation reform using data for 10,396 firms from 14...



Litigation and Settlement: New Evidence from Labor Courts in Mexico (with Joyce Sadka and Jorge Luis Silva-Mendez), Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (2008)

Using a newly assembled data set on procedures filed in Mexican labor tribunals, we study...


Contributions to Books


The Effects of Exaggeration in Labor Lawsuits in Mexico (with Alexander Gotthard and Joyce Sadka), Teoría de juegos y derecho contemporáneo (2009)

This paper uses data gathered by the authors from the archives of a local labor...


Unpublished Papers


Employment and Wage Responses to Trade Shocks: Evidence from Mexico during the 2008-09 U.S. Recession (with Daniel Lederman and Raymond Robertson) (2011)

During the “Great Trade Collapse” of 2008, Mexico’s trade with the U.S. fell nearly 45...



The Plaintiff’s Role in Enforcing a Court Ruling: Evidence from a Labor Court in Mexico (with Joyce Sadka) (2011)

We analyze the outcomes of 332 cases from a labor court in Mexico in which...



Exports and Wage Premia: Evidence from Mexican Employer-Employee Data (with Judith A. Frías and Eric A. Verhoogen) (2009)

This paper draws on a new combination of employer-employee and plant-level data from Mexico to...



Enforceability of Labor Law: Evidence from a Labor Court in Mexico (with Joyce Sadka), World Bank Policy Research working paper No. 4483 (2007)

We analyze lawsuits involving publicly-appointed lawyers in a labor court in Mexico to study the...



Mexican Employment Dynamics: Evidence from Matched Firm-Worker Data (with Gabriel Martínez González and Raymond Robertson), World Bank Policy Research working paper # 4433 (2007)

Using a census of all workers in private establishments in the formal sector in Mexico...


Popular Press


Displaced Workers and Unemployment Insurance in Mexico: Preparing for the Next Crisis (with Raymond Robertson), VoxLACEA (2011)

The recent global economic crisis highlighted the fact that Mexico does not have a safety...



Guest comment: How Can Latin American Countries Create Good Jobs?, Latin American Advisor (2008)

Because of protective labor laws, many firms will find it too costly to fire workers...