David Holder has a Ph.D. in Educational Computers from the University of North
Texas where he also received his M.Ed. in Secondary Education. Dr. Holder also graduated
from Liberty University in 1994 with a B.S. in History. He has served as an Instructor in
the College of Education at the University of North Texas teaching in the Department of
Learning Technologies. He is currently at Liberty University in the School of Education
Teacher Education program as the Secondary Education Coordinator. 

After graduating from Liberty University Dr. Holder began teaching Middle School and High
School Social Studies, and even the odd English course while working toward his Master’s
Degree in Education. After a four year stint as an Instructor at the University of North
Texas David took a job as the Director of Technology for Aubrey ISD, a public school
district in North Texas. 

Dr. Holder is married to Christine and has two daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth who are
seven and nine respectively. They have recently moved to the Lynchburg area where they
are fascinated by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the natural beauty of Central Virginia.
They are excited and overjoyed at being a part of Liberty University’s School of

While at Liberty Dr. Holder is researching the importance of virtual communities in the
learning experience. His research interest include online learning environments, the
relation of visual media on schema construction and working memory, and the role of
electronic agents in learning. 



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