BSc(QS) [Wits] 

PhD [UCT] 

Associate Professor Cattell's areas of expertise include: motoring economics, motor
vehicle fringe benefit taxation, cashflow analysis, life-cycle cost analysis,
total-cost-of-ownership studies, financial economic modelling and optimisations,
operations research, unbalanced bidding, bidding models, component item pricing,
Component Unit Pricing (CUP) theory, cost estimating, cost engineering, risk analysis,
tendering, modern portfolio theory, cumulative prospect theory, utility theory, prospect
theory, and value-at-risk analysis. His work experience also includes 25 years in the IT
industry, including web development, and programming in Basic, Visual Basic, C, Java and



Challenges and Opportunities to Develop a Smart City: A Case Study of Gold Coast, Australia (with Bhishna Bajracharya and Isara Khanjanasthiti), Real CORP 2014: Plan it Smart (2014)

With the rapid growth of information and communication technologies, there is a growing interest in...


On being balanced in an unbalanced world (with M. Skitmore), Journal of the operational research society (2012)

This paper examines the case of a procurement auction for a single project, in...



An overview of component unit pricing theory, Construction management and economics (2012)

Component unit pricing (CUP) theory presents a fresh approach to item pricing, described as the...


Proposed framework for applying cumulative prospect theory to an unbalanced bidding model (with Paul A. Bowen and Ammar P. Kaka), Journal of construction engineering and management (2011)

Recent research on unbalanced bidding models has identified both the benefits and the risks generated...



The risks of unbalanced bidding (with Paul Anthony Bowen and Ammar P. Kaka), Construction management and economics (2010)

Unbalanced bidding models have largely ignored the risk aspect of item pricing. Many researchers have...



Construction item pricing: For more profit and less risk, Mirvac School of Sustainable Development (2012)

The pricing of the constituent component items of a project has a substantial influence on...



The SA guide to tax-efficient cars: A study on how to drive more for less (2002)

This book delves deeply into the issues surrounding company cars and car allowances. It is...


Book Chapters


Item Price Loading, International Congress on Progress in Architecture, Construction and Engineering (1987)

Item Pricing is described as the process of allocating prices to the component items of...


PhD Thesis


Component unit pricing theory, Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa (2009)

Building contractors are often commissioned using unit price based contracts. They, nevertheless, often compete on...


Conference Papers


Sense in the city: Making the Gold Coast an intelligent and sustainable city (with Bhishna Bajracharya, Daryl McPhee, Linda Too, and Isara Khanjanasthiti), 38th Australian University Building Educators Association Conference (2013)

Many cities are facing challenges of urban sprawl, traffic congestion, diminishing quality of life and...



The ethics of item pricing (with A. Stramarcos), 38th Australian University Building Educators Association Conference (2013)

Unbalanced bidding describes the process of contractors deliberately applying different mark-ups to individual items of...



The highs and lows of unbalanced bidding models, CIB World Building Congress 2013 (2013)

The unbalanced bidding models developed in the first 50 years, since Marvin Gates first invented...



Using Bayesian Networks to assess the risk appetite of construction contractors (with P.E.D. Love), 38th Australian University Building Educators Association Conference (2013)

The pricing of items of construction work using Component Unit Pricing (CUP) Theory requires that...


A new approach to construction item pricing, COBRA 2012 conference (2012)

A new approach is now being suggested that overcomes the flaws prevalent in the prior...