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Pskov Youth Reproductive Health Project

David Buchanan, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

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The goals of the Comprehensive Community-Based Public Health Prevention Project in Pskov, Russia are: (1) to improve reproductive health outcomes, by reducing high rates of abortion and STIs, by increasing use of protective contraceptive methods; and (2) to increase life expectancy and improve quality of life, by reducing high rates of diabetes and stroke, by implementing community-based health promotion activities focusing on improving dietary and physical activities and reducing smoking and alcohol consumption, in Pskov, Russia.

The project is based in the city of Pskov, which is the capital of Pskov Oblast. Pskov Oblast is one of 86 states in the Russian Federation. It is located in the North-West of Russia and borders three countries: Estonia, Latvia and Belarus. The city of Pskov has a population of 197,047 people.

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