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Hospitals and Health


Simulating Hospital Merger Simulations (with Keith J. Brand), Unpublished Draft (2015)

We assess the performance of recently developed hospital merger simulation methods in a Monte Carlo...



Bargaining in Hospital Merger Models (with Keith Brand), Unpublished Draft (2014)

Hospital prices for commercially-insured patients are generally set through bilateral negotiations with health insurance companies....



A Retrospective Analysis of the Clinical Quality Effects of the Acquisition of Highland Park Hospital by Evanston Northwestern Healthcare (with Patrick S. Romano), International Journal of the Economics of Business (2011)

In 2004, the Federal Trade Commission brought a legal action retrospectively challenging the 2000 acquisition...



Economics at the FTC: Hospital Mergers, Authorized Generic Drugs, and Consumer Credit Markets (with Joseph Farrell, Keith Brand, and Brett W. Wendling), Review of Industrial Organization (2011)

Economists at the Federal Trade Commission pursue the agency’s competition and consumer protection missions. In...



A Critique of the “Learning about Demand” Defense in Retrospective Merger Cases (with Christopher Garmon), ABA Antitrust Section Economics Committee Newsletter (2008)

Industrial Organization


Better Product at Same Cost: Leader Innovation vs Generic Product Improvement (with George Deltas), The Analysis of Competition Policy and Sectoral Regulation (2014)

We develop parametric model in which a high-quality dominant firm faces a low-quality competitive fringe....



Better Product at Same Cost, Lower Sales and Lower Welfare (with George Deltas), International Journal of Industrial Organization (2013)

We consider a high-quality dominant firm facing a low-quality competitive fringe. We show that the...



Collusion and the "Old Boys Club" (with Manfred A. Dix), Unpublished Draft (2009)

This paper begins with the assumption that collusion can be sustained by means of sincere...


Development Economics


The Correlation between Human Capital and Morality and its Effect on Economic Performance: Theory and Evidence (with Stephen Knack), Journal of Comparative Economics (2012)

In this paper we analyze the relationship between the correlation between morality and human capital...




Job Insecurity isn't Always Efficient (with Dan Hanner), Under Review at Oxford Economic Papers. Also appears as Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Economics Working Paper No. 305 (2014)

Workers value job security. If at least some workers value it enough, then it is...



Ideological Persuasion in the Media (with Patrick DeGraba and Abraham L. Wickelgren), Unpublished draft (2009)

Media outlet owners can modify their outlet’s content so as to persuade audiences to adopt...