Procurement Law


The Four into One Platform: New Reform Initiatives Compound China's Dissected Public Procurement Governance, (2012)

For over ten years now, supervision and implementation of public purchasing activities in China has...



International Procurement (with Howard A. Wolf-Rodda), 46 The International Lawyer 231 (2012)

This year in review article for 2011 focuses on developments in Chinese procurement law in...



The Imperative of Returning to the Fundamental Principles of the "Three Gongs" [Openness, Fairness, and Justice], Public Procurement [Gonggong Calgou] 60-61 (2011)

This commentary highlights the failure to set policy priorities under China’s near decade old government...



The Exemplary Function of Case Adjudications for Industry (RenHe GeAn Chuli Dou Yao Dui HangYe You ShiFan Zuoyong) (2011)

This interview highlights the importance of rule interpretation mechanisms to further public understanding of the...


Government Contract Law