Professor Lyons is an associate professor at Boston College Law School. He
specializes in the areas of property, telecommunications and administrative law. Before
joining the faculty, Professor Lyons practiced energy, telecommunications, and
administrative law at the firm of Munger, Tolles and Olson in Los Angeles. He also
clerked for the Judge Cynthia Holcomb Hall of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Professor Lyons has participated in rulemaking proceedings before both the Federal
Communications Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission and has
represented clients in federal and state litigation involving numerous regulatory issues.
He has also spoken at workshops nationwide on the effects of technology convergence on
telecommunications regulation. 



Peering into the Comcast-Netflix Deal, Perspectives from Free State Foundation Scholars (2014)


Restoring Limits on the FCC's Ancillary Authority, Free State Foundation Perspectives (2013)


The Challenge of VoIP to Legacy Federal and State Regulatory Regimes, Perspectives from Free State Foundation Scholars (2013)


Internet Policy’s Next Frontier: Data Caps, Tiered Service Plans, and Usage-Based Broadband Pricing, Federal Communications Law Journal (2013)

Usage-based pricing has rapidly become one of the most controversial topics in Internet policy. Both...


Contributions to Books

Reforming the Universal Service Fund for the Digital Age, Communications Law and Policy in the Digital Age (2012)

The marketplace and technological changes that have occurred since the last major revision of the...


Popular Press


Cable Merger is Bigger than Cable, The Baltimore Sun (2014)


Net Neutrality Ruling: What are the FCC's Options?, Wall Street Journal Law Blog (2014)


Rethink Possible When it Comes to Wireless Data Plans, US News Economic Intelligence Blog (2014)

From the introduction: The blogosphere has been abuzz this week with AT&T's introduction of a...



Why Usage-Based Broadband Plans May Be Good For You, Lewiston Sun Journal (2013)

This article was also published on the Providence Journal's This New England Blog at


Selected Professional Activities


Response to Questions in the First White Paper, 'Modernizing the Communications Act' (with Randolph J. May, Richard A. Epstein, Justin (Gus) Hurwitz, James B. Speeta, and Christopher S. Yoo), Response to a white paper published by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce (2014)

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has begun a process to review and update the...

Panelist and Participant, "Why the Wires Matter: A Broadband Policy Seminar for a New Generation of Scholars", Rutgers University, New York Law School, and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (2013)
The Internet as the World's Biggest Copy Machine, and How Plaintiff's Bar Seeks to Monetize It, American Bar Association Student Division First Circuit 2013 Spring Meeting and Governor Election (2013)

On February 23, 2013, Professor Lyons presented at the First Circuit Spring Meeting of the...

Usage-Based Pricing and Net Neutrality, Senate Steering Committee and Conference Committee Staff (2013)