Daniel Kanstroom is Professor of Law, the Director of the International Human Rights
Program, and an Associate Director of the Boston College Center for Human Rights and
International Justice. He teaches Immigration and Refugee Law, International Human Rights
Law, Administrative Law, and the International Human Rights Semester in Practice. 

Professor Kanstroom was the founder and is also the current director of the Boston
College Immigration and Asylum clinic in which students represent indigent noncitizens
and asylum-seekers. Together with his students, he has won many high-profile immigration
and asylum cases and has provided counsel for hundreds of clients over more than a
decade. He and his students have also written amicus briefs for the U.S. Supreme Court,
organized innumerable public presentations in schools, churches, community centers,
courts and prisons, and have advised many community groups. He continues to organize the
Immigration Spring Break Trips, where students work on immigration law cases during their
Spring Break period. Professor Kanstroom’s newest initiative, the Post-Deportation Human
Rights Project, represents individuals who have been deported from the United States,
develops new legal theories in support of such cases, and undertakes multidisciplinary
empirical study of the effects of deportation on families and communities. 

Professor Kanstroom has published widely in the fields of U.S. immigration law, criminal
law, and European citizenship and asylum law. His work has appeared in such venues as the
Harvard Law Review, the Yale Journal of International Law, the Georgetown Immigration Law
Journal, and the French Gazette du Palais. His most recent book, Aftermath: Deportation
Law and the New American Diaspora, was published by Oxford University Press in 2012. 

Professor Kanstroom has long served on the American Bar Association's Immigration
Commission and the Advisory Board of the PAIR Project. He was rapporteur for the American
Branch of the Refugee Law Section of the International Law Association. He has been a
visiting Professor at the University of Paris, the University of Boulogne sur Mer,
Northeastern School of Law, American University, King’s College, and Vermont Law School.


Aftermath: Deportation Law and the New American Diaspora (2012)

Since the passage of harsh new deportation laws in 1996, the United States has deported...



Deportation Nation: Outsiders in American History (2007)

The danger of deportation hangs over the head of virtually every noncitizen in the United...



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Massachusetts Criminal Defense: 1997 Cumulative Supplement (with Eric D. Blumenson and Stanley Z. Fisher) (1997)



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From the introduction: In Commonwealth v. Sylvain,466 Mass. 422 (2013), the SJC held that the...



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The United States is still in the midst of a massive deportation experiment that is...



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Though widely heralded by immigration and human rights lawyers as a “landmark,” possible “watershed,” and...


Contributions to Books


Doesn't Love a Wall: U.S. Deportation and Detention, Hidden Lives and Human Rights in the United States: Understanding the Controversies and Tragedies of Undocumented Immigration (2014)


Immigration Law: Current Challenges and the Elusive Search for Legal Integrity, Immigration Practice Manual (2012)

This chapter offers an overview of deep questions about immigration and deportation law and practice....

Various entries, Anti-Immigration in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia (2011)


Loving Humanity While Accepting Real People: A Critique and a Cautious Affirmation (with David Hollenbach), Driven From Home: Protecting the Rights of Forced Migrants (2010)


Immigration, Crime and Consequence: The Collateral Effects of Criminal Conduct (2009)

Works in Progress

Selected Professional Activities

Conference on Draft Convention on Rights of Forcibly Expelled Persons, Post-Deportation Human Rights Project, Boston College Center for Human Rights and International Justice (2014)

On May 1-3, Center Interim Director, and Post-Deportation Human Rights Project Director, Dan Kanstroom convened...

A Nation of Immigrants, Keynote Address, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition Thanksgiving Luncheon (2013)
Who Has Which Rights Where?, American Society for Legal History Annual Meeting (2013)