Flath's research has been primarily in algebra with a focus on representation

He is also very active in efforts to reform and invigorate calculus teaching, both by the
inclusion of applications that are meaningful to students and by going beyond analytical
techniques to methods based on graphical and numerical input. He has also looked in to
the mathematical needs of biology students. 

EDUCATION: B.S., M.S., Southern Methodist University; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University 

Flath has been teaching at Macalester since 2002. 

Journal Articles


Gravity-driven instability of a thin liquid film underneath a soft solid (with S. H. Lee, K. L. Maki, S. J. Weinstein, C. Kealey, W. Li, C. Talbot, and S. Kumar), Physical Review E (2014)


Planar Rook Diagrams and Pascal's Triangle (with Tom Halverson and Kate Herbig), L'Enseignement Mathematique (2008)


Finding a Hidden Coin (with Stan Wagon), The UMAP Journal (2006)


Rocket Math (with Stan Wagon and Cliff Stoll), The College Mathematics Journal (2004)


A Combinatorial Problem in the Representation Theory of SL(n) (with J. Towber), Annals of Combinatorics (2000)



Calculus (2001)

Contributions to Books

The First Year of Calculus and Statistics at Macalester College (with Karen Saxe, Tom Halverson, and Daniel T. Kaplan), Undergraduate Mathematics for the Life Sciences Models, Processes, and Directions (2013)