The author of Lawyers and Fundamental Moral Responsibility, The Anglo-American Legal
Heritage, Francis Bacon, and The Civilian Jurists of Doctor's Commons and editor of
Law in Colonial Massachusetts and Moore's Federal Practice, J. Donald Monan
Professor of Law Daniel R. Coquillette teaches and writes in the areas of legal history
and professional responsibility. 

Professor Coquillette was a law clerk for justice Robert Braucher of the Supreme Judicial
Court of Massachusetts and Chief Justice Warren E. Burger of the Supreme Court of the
United States. He taught legal ethics on the faculty of the Boston University Law School,
taught as a Visiting Professor at Cornell Law School and Harvard Law School, and became a
partner for six years at the Boston law firm of Palmer & Dodge, where he specialized
in complex litigation. He served as Dean of Boston College Law School from 1985-1993, and
was named J. Donald Monan, S.J. University Professor in 1996. 


Moore's Federal Practice (2013 edition) (2013)

Moore's Federal Practice is the backbone of any federal litigator's library. Comprehensive and authoritative, Moore's...



Lawyers and Fundamental Moral Responsibility (with R. Michael Cassidy and Judith A. McMorrow) (2010)

The materials in this book are organized around specific problems designed to encourage and focus...




Past the Pillars of Hercules: Francis Bacon and the Science of Rulemaking, University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform (2012)

The parallels between Francis Bacon’s career and that of Edward H. Cooper are obvious. Bacon...



Zacharias’s Prophecy: The Federalization of Legal Ethics Through Legislative, Court, and Agency Regulation (with Judith A. McMorrow), San Diego Law Review (2011)

In his 1994 seminal article on Federalizing Legal Ethics, Prof. Fred Zacharias examined the need...



The Legal Education of a Patriot: Josiah Quincy Jr.'s Law Commonplace (1763), Arizona State Law Journal (2006)

This article is based on the exciting discovery of a never before printed Law Commonplace,...



The Twentieth Century, Boston College Law School Faculty Papers (2004)

All self-respecting legal history is supposed to end by the twentieth century. As we approach...


Contributions to Books

Civility and Professionalism at the Massachusetts Bar: The Heritage and the Challenge Today, Course Materials for "Practicing with Professionalism" (2012)

Introductory section for course materials for the class titled "Practicing with Professionalism," which has been...



Attorney Conduct and the Securities and Exchange Commission (with Judith A. McMorrow), The Federal Law of Attorney Conduct: Court Practice (2009)


Civility Issues in Federal Court Practice (with Judith A. McMorrow), The Federal Law of Attorney Conduct: Court Practice (2009)


Toward an Ecclesiastical Professional Ethic: Lessons from the Legal Profession (with Judith A. McMorrow), Church Ethics And Its Organizational Context: Learning from the Sex Abuse Scandal in the Catholic Church (2006)

As the Catholic Church struggles with the aftermath of the clergy sexual abuse crisis, some...


Popular Press

Patriots in Defense of the 'Enemy', Boston Globe (2007)

Selected Professional Activities

The Political and Professional Context of Rule Making, Committe on Rules of Practice and Procedure, Judicial Conference of the United States (2014)
American Legal Education: Where Did It Come From? Where Is It Going?, National Conference of Bar Examiners (2013)
Reporter, Meeting of the Standing Committee on Rules, Judicial Conference of the United States (2013)
Presentation of new research on the first black graduates of Harvard Law School, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute, Harvard Law School (2013)

Presentation on the results of new research conducted as part of the Harvard Law History...

Current Controversies and the History of Rulemaking, Boston College Law School Faculty Workshop (2012)