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Svantesson on the law of obligations

Dan Svantesson, Bond University

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Svantesson, D. (2009). Svantesson on the law of obligations (2nd ed.). Mudgeeraba, Qld: Scribblers Publishing.

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2009 HERDC submission. FoR code: 1801

© Copyright Dan Jerker B. Svantesson


The second edition of Svantesson on the "Law of Obligations" provides an accessible, yet comprehensive, overview of how the rules of common law and equity, together with the provisions of applicable legislation such as the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth), the Fair Trading Acts and the Sale of Goods Acts, affect contractual and other obligations. Thus, a range of topics are covered, including:

* the implication of terms;
* the effect of vitiating factors under contract law;
* the statutory prohibition against e.g. misleading and deceptive conduct and against misrepresentations; and
* the relevant economic torts.

While the material dealt with is approached from an Australian perspective, consideration is also given to comparative international treatment of the issues raised.

Suggested Citation

Dan Svantesson. Svantesson on the law of obligations (2nd ed). Mudgeeraba, Qld: Scribblers Publishing, 2009.

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