A noted specialist on international banking and international transactions,
Professor Cynthia C. Lichtenstein retired from active teaching duties at BCLS in the
Spring of 2001. She has been a member of the faculty at Boston College Law School since
1971. Upon retirement, she was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at George Washington
University Law School and a Visiting Professor at Brooklyn Law School. She occasionally
teaches a Seminar in International Financial Law at BCLS. 

Professor Lichtenstein has lectured in numerous cities around the world including London,
Paris, Buenos Aires, and Sydney, Australia. In addition to significant involvement with a
major New York law firm in various capacities over the years, she served briefly with the
European Economic Community. 

Among her many contributions to public and private international law, Professor
Lichtenstein served as President of the International Law Association (American Branch)
from 1986 to 1992, as an officer of the American Society of International Law, and as a
member of the Board of Editors of the American Journal of International Law from 1982 to
1991. She is presently an Honorary Editor of the American Journal of International Law,
Treasurer of ILSA, the International Law Students Association which administers the
Jessup Competition, the international law moot court competition with participants from
over 80 countries, and serves as a Vice-Chair of the International Law Association. 

Professor Lichtenstein is the author of many significant articles on international
banking regulation and international transactions. Her most recent publication is a
chapter in International Monetary Law: The Global Crisis (eds. Mario Giovanoli and Diego
Devos, OUP, 2010) entitled "Lessons for the 21st Century Central Bankers:
Differences between Investment and Depositary Banking." Other significant articles
are "The FED's New Model of Supervision for 'Large Complex Banking
Organizations', 18 Transnational Lawyer 283 (2005); "Dealing with Sovereign
Liquidity Crises: New International Initiatives for the New World of Volatile Capital
Flows to and From Emerging Markets," 29 McGeorge Law Review 807 (1998) and a short
version, under the title "Innoculating Against the Asian Flu," appears in the
Boston College Law School Magazine, Fall 1998. A short viewpoint, "Do Globalized
Financial Markets Need a New Architecture of Regulation?," appeared in the December
1998 Translex. 

Professor Lichtenstein graduated magna cum laude from Radcliffe College (A.B.) and magna
cum laude from Yale Law School (J.D.) She also holds a Master's degree in
Comparative Law from the University of Chicago Law School. 

International Law

Presentation:The Reform of the IMF, International Law Association (ILA) Hellenic Branch (2006)


Hard Law v. Soft Law: Unnecessary Dichotomy?, The International Lawyer (2001)
International Jurisdiction Over International Capital Flows and the Role of the IMF: Plus Ça Change…, International Monetary Law: Issues for the New Millenium (2000)
Do Globalized Financial Markets Need a New Architecture of Regulation?, Translex: Transnational Law Exchange (1998)

Economics and Finance


Defining Our Terms Carefully and In Context: Thoughts on Reading (And In One Case, Rereading) Three Books, Review of Banking and Finance Law (2012)

In preparing to write this paper, I read again Walter Bagehot’s Lombard Street: A Description...



A New Role for the International Monetary Fund in a New World Economic Order, Review of Banking and Financial Law (2012)

The IMF must change to deal with its new functions in a changed world of...



Lessons for 21st Century Central Bankers: Differences Between Investment and Depositary Banking, International Monetary and Financial Law: The Global Crisis (2010)


The Fed’s New Model of Supervision for “Large Complex Banking Organizations”: Coordinated Risk-Based Supervision of Financial Multinationals for International Financial Stability, Transnational Lawyer (2005)

Large internationally active financial institutions, in particular multinational banks, have the capacity to create profound...



Innoculating Against the Financial Flu, Boston College Law School Magazine (1998)

Comparative Law

Selected Professional Activities


Contributor, International Securities Regulation Committee Conference Report, International Law Association (2012)

Participated in the work of the International Monetary Law and International Securities Regulation Committees, including...

Co-Keynote Speaker (with Dr. Masahiro Kawai), Society of International Economic Law Conference (2012)