Cynthia Kauffeld's area of specialty is historical Spanish linguistics,
particularly early Andalusian Spanish and American Spanish of the colonial period.
Additional research interests include paleography and Spanish dialectology. 

EDUCATION: Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Kauffeld has been teaching at Macalester since 2006. 

Journal Articles


Contributions to Books


Textual Evidence of Seseo in Andalusian Texts (1324-1500), Two Generations. A Tribute to Lloyd A. Kasten (1905-1999) (2005)


Pedro de Castañeda’s Relación: a source for colonial Spanish in the US Southwest, 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies (2015)

Reflections on Editing the Residencia of Francisco Vázquez de Coronado (1544-1545), Convention of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (2013)

Editing the Residencia de Vázquez de Coronado (1544), 64th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference (2011)