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Structural and magnetic properties of ball-milled Ni₁₁Co₁₁Fe₆₆Zr₇B₄Cu powders

Ashish K. Baraskar
Yajie Chen
Soack Dae Yoon
C. N. Chinnasamy
Nian Sun
Carmine Vittoria, Northeastern University
Vincent G. Harris, Northeastern University
Todd Heil
Matthew Willard

Article comments

Originally published in Journal of Applied Physics 103, 07E728 (2008). DOI:10.1063/1.2839315 (


Thick films of the Ni₁₁Co₁₁Fe₆₆Zr₇B₄Cu composition were synthesized via screen printing of the ball-milled ribbons of the above composition for possible use as planar inductors. The ribbons were obtained by rapid solidification. The resulting ribbon samples were annealed at 300 degrees C for 2 h to cause embrittlement. They were found to have soft magnetic properties (4πMs∽13 kG,ΔH ∽100 Oe, and Hc< 0.5 Oe). The brittle ribbons were ball milled using tungsten carbide vials and stainless steel balls in an inert atmosphere for various milling times. The sample milled for 10 h was found to have a 4πMs of about 13 kG and a coercivity of about 73 Oe with an average particle size of about 5μm. The screen printed (as prepared and aligned) samples showed a linewidth (Δ H) of about 1000 Oe. Similar values were obtained for screen printed films annealed for 1 h at 200 and 400 degrees C.

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Ashish K. Baraskar, Yajie Chen, Soack Dae Yoon, C. N. Chinnasamy, Nian Sun, Carmine Vittoria, Vincent G. Harris, Todd Heil, and Matthew Willard. "Structural and magnetic properties of ball-milled Ni₁₁Co₁₁Fe₆₆Zr₇B₄Cu powders" Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty Publications (2008).
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