Dr Cristy Clark PhD(UNSW), MISD(UNSW), BA/LLB(ANU) 

Dr Cristy Clark is a Lecturer at the Southern Cross University School of Law and Justice,
where she teaches Human Rights, Competition and Consumer Law, and Equity. Cristy
completed her BA/LLB at the Australian National University and did her honours research
in comparative constitutional law, with a focus on the appropriate scope of the implied
freedom of political communication in Australia. After graduating, Cristy worked for a
year at Freehills in the Planning and Environment section, before returning to university
to complete a Masters in International Social Development at the University of New South
Wales. Her masters research focused on the human rights to food and water and this lead
her into a PhD, this time back in the Faculty of Law. 

Cristy’s thesis focused on the emerging human right to water and contained two case
studies. The first case study examined the effect of privatising Manila’s water and
sanitation system, particularly on access to water for the poor. The second case study
examined the effect of introducing prepaid water meters into the community of Phiri in
Soweto, Johannesburg and included an analysis of the Mazibuko water rights case in which
members of the Phiri community argued (unsuccessfully) that the prepaid water meters
violated South Africa’s constitutionally guaranteed right to water. 

During her candidature, Cristy taught Corporations Law, Contracts, and Equity at the ANU
College of Law. She also spent some time living in Vientiane, Laos and Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Cristy's current research is focused on the intersection of law and development. She
is particularly interested in the mechanisms for realising human rights to basic
services, particularly in the context of informal settlements in the Global South and
remote communities in Australia. She is also interested in the role of human rights in
the post-2015 development agenda 

Journal articles


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Over one billion people lack adequate access to safe and secure water supplies, while over...



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Book chapters