Dr. Clyde Moneyhun came to the university in 2010 as a professor in the English
Department to direct the Boise State Writing Center. Since arriving, he has also taken on
the title of Director of Writing Across the Curriculum and is charged with helping
departments create and teach writing-intensive courses. He has lived and taught in a
variety of locations, including France, Spain and Japan, and his education includes
degrees in Comparative Literature, American Literature, and Fiction Writing, and
culminated with a Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English from the
University of Arizona. Before coming to Boise State, he was the Director of the Hume
Writing Center at Stanford University. Dr. Moneyhun has been a prolific writer and a
presenter on the national level, and has held professional offices with the Council of
Writing Program Administrators (WPA) and the Conference on College Composition and
Communication (CCCC). Recent projects including teaching Hemingway's nonfiction and
translating the contemporary Catalan poet, Ponç Pons. 



Tutoring Teachers (with Patti Hanlon-Baker), The Writing Lab Newsletter (2012)

Most research on writing center work focuses on the students who come to us for...


Response to Doug Hesse's "The Place of Creative Writing in Composition Studies", College Composition and Communication (2012)

Many thanks to Doug Hesse for “The Place of Creative Writing in Composition Studies” (CCC...


Performance Evaluation as Faculty Development, WPA: Writing Program Administration (2010)

The article discusses the importance of performance evaluation in faculty development. It cites possible outcomes...



Believing, Doubting, Deciding, Acting, Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (2010)

I used Peter Elbow's believing and doubting games and cooked up two games of my...


Response to the WPA Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition, WPA: Writing Program Administration (1999)



Crafting Fiction: In Theory, In Practice (with Marvin Diogenes) (2001)

Presents an anthology of 58 articles, interviews, memoirs, and critical and personal essays, giving students...



Living Languages: Contexts for Reading and Writing (with Nancy Buffington and Marvin Diogenes) (1997)


A Heart of Winter (translation of Yuki-no Arubamu by Ayako Miura) (with Mark Caprio) (1991)

Translation of Yuki-no Arubamu by contemporary Japanese novelist Ayako Miura.


Contributions to Books


Literary Texts as Primers in Meaning-Making, Integrating Literature and Writing Instruction in First-Year English (2008)


Antonio Gramsci, Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition: Communication from Ancient Times to the Information Age (1996)


Not Just Plain English: Teaching Critical Reading with I, Rigoberta Menchú, Teaching and Testimony: Rigoberta Menchú in the North American Classroom (1996)



Five Poems from Witch in Mourning in Exchanges (with Maria-Mercè Marçal) (2015)

Maria-Mercè Marçal was born in 1952, in the middle of the fascist dictatorship in Spain,...


The Musot (with Dolors Miquel) (2015)

El llibre d’amic e amat (The Book of the Lover and the Beloved), Inventory 4 (2013)

New translations of selections from the medieval book of mystic Christian poetry “El llibre d’amic...



"Cursed Soul," "Shards," and "Night in Marburg" in Eleven Eleven, Eleven Eleven (2013)

This work was translated from the original Catalan written by Ponç Pons and entitled "Anima...



"Obituary" and "Palinurus" in lyrikline (2013)

Translations of "Obituary" and "Palinurus" by the contemporary Catalan poet Ponç Pons. "Lyrikline.org is the...



Difficult Passages: An Interactive Workshop, American Literary Translators Association Annual Conference (2015)

We all know those times: Despite our best efforts, the passage stares up at us...


"You Gotta Put Your Behind in the Past": Writing Center Pedagogy for Creative Writing Students (with Michael Wanzenried and Allison King), International Writing Center Association and National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing Annual Conference (2014)

Students from both our creative writing major and our MFA program work as consultants in...


Nuances of Translating Medieval Romance-Language Poets (with Samuel Rosenberg and Jeannette Rogers), 36th Annual Conference of the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) (2013)

We translate medieval Romance-language poets including the French trouvère Mahieu le Juif, Occitan troubadours Bernart...


Hemingway's Politics in His Journalism and Fiction, a Continuum of Contradiction (with Clay Morgan, Jacky O'Conner, and Mitch Wieland), 4th Annual Ernest Hemingway Symposium (2012)

Introduction by Clay Morgan. A conversation with distinguished Hemingway experts, authors, and faculty members of...


Translating Living Writers (with Christopher Burawa and Cynthia Hogue), 35th Annual Conference of the American Literary Translators Association (2012)