Steinman can discuss the role of mass media in society as well as a variety of media
and film issues including news media coverage, political advertising, television viewing
habits and stereotypes in Hollywood films. His research interests include the impact of
television and film on culture, and racism and Hollywood film. He teaches courses on
critical media theory, film history and analysis, racism and the media, and gender and

Steinman is the co-author of Consuming Environments: Television and Commercial Culture,
which explores how television has helped create a culture of consumerism and
over-consumption. He is a former journalist, writing for newspapers and other news
organizations such as The Nation and Xinhua, the China news agency. 

EDUCATION: A.B., Duke University M.S., Columbia University M.A., Ph.D., New York

Steinman has been teaching at Macalester since 1993. 

Journal Articles


Academic Freedom at Commuter Universities: Market Metaphors and the Public Interest, Democratic Communiqué (Journal of the Union for Democratic Communications) (2012)


The Unamericans: Jews, the Blacklist, and Stoolpigeon Culture, Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media (2012)



Consuming environments : television and commercial culture (with Mike Budd and Steve Craig) (1999)

Contributions to Books

Sign, Concise Encyclopedia of Communication (2015)

Cultural Studies and the Politics of Encoding Research (with M Budd), Communication Yearbook 15 (2012)


Sign, The International Encyclopedia of Communication (2008)


Andrew Sarris, Critical Dictionary of Film and Television Theory (2001)


Tear Down the Walls: Re-envisioning Communication Theory and Research (with Robert M. Entman), National Communication Association (2008)

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