Clay Morgan is a native Idahoan with a wide and varied background including working
as a US Forest Service Smokejumper, a commentator for NPR's All Things Considered,
an historian and writer for NASA, and a commercial spaceflight entrepreneur. He has
written speeches for his wife, NASA astronaut Barbara Morgan, worked as an Idaho Poet in
the Schools, taught writing, and served for two years as Idaho's Writer in

Throughout all of these experiences he is best known for his writing. He has published
two adult novels, two young readers novels, two essay books and one NASA history. 

In 2008, he came to Boise State as an adjunct English professor and, in addition to
teaching, now serves as Director of Collaborative Research for the Division of Research.



The Boy Who Returned from the Sea, Faculty Authored Books (2007)

Jack is reunited with his beloved sheepdog Moxie on the island where they first met,...



The Boy Who Spoke Dog (2003)

Exhausted and nearly drowned, Jack washes up on a mysterious island after a murderous storm....



SHUTTLE-MIR: The United States and Russia Share History's Highest Stage (2001)

This book is an example of what may become the norm for history texts --...



Idaho Unbound: A Scrapbook & Guide (1995)

"Idaho Unbound: A Scrapbook & Guide is intended to provide a lively and interesting look...



Boise: The City and the People (with Steve Bly (Photos)) (1993)

The book provides essays and photos of both Boise and its residents, as well as...


Readings and Presentations

Hemingway's Politics in His Journalism and Fiction, a Continuum of Contradiction (with Clyde Moneyhun, Jacky O'Conner, and Mitch Wieland), 4th Annual Ernest Hemingway Symposium (2012)

Introduction by Clay Morgan. A conversation with distinguished Hemingway experts, authors, and faculty members of...



The Power of Story, Boise State - Beyond the Blue Faculty Podcasts (2012)

We all love a good story. But what is Story? In this podcast, Foundational Studies...


Ernest Hemingway Symposium - Readings and Discussion (2010)

Clay Morgan's second novel, Santiago and the Drinking Party, conjures Hemingway in its very first...



Dog Days: Stories of Summer, Story Story Night (2010)

Featured storyteller Clay Morgan goes first, with a story about one fateful summer for a...


Story Story Night, Verbose City (2009)