My current research field focuses on the impact of euro adoption on aggregate and
sectoral european trade, the use of dynamic panel data techniques in gravity models.

Economic Integration


Euro Introduction and Export Behaviour of Italian Firms (with Carmine Pappalardo), MPRA paper n.43472 (2012)

Recent literature has focused on the importance of extensive and intensive margins of trade in...



The New Stability and Growth Pact: Primum non nocere (with Marco Fioramanti), CEPS Working Document n.344 (2011)

The recent economic and financial crises have shown the weakness of EU economic governance. A...



The Euro adoption’s impact on extensive and intensive margins of trade: the Italian case. (with Sergio de Nardis and Carmine Pappalardo), ISAE Working Paper n.101 (2008)

The recent theoretical literature has focused on the importance of extensive and intensive margins of...


Currency Union and Trade: the Special Case of EMU (with Sergio de Nardis), Review of World Economics / Welwirtschaftliches Archiv (2003)

In this paper, the impact of the euro on the commercial transactions of EMU countries...



Taxes and Location of Foreign Direct Investments: an Empirical Analysys for the European Union Countries (with Roberta De Santis and Maria Cristina Mercuri), Economia, SocietĂ  e Istituzioni (2003)

This paper aims at verifying the impact of fiscal variables in the multinational firms' localisation...


International Trade


Financial crisis, internationalization choices and Italian firm survival (with Stefano Costa and Carmine Pappalardo), MPRA paper n. 54107 (2014)

In this paper we focus on the relationship between internationalization choices and survival of Italian...



Eplaining the Performance of Italian Exports during the Crisis: (Medium) Quality Matters (with Piero Esposito), LLEE Luiss Lab of European Economics n.95 (2011)

A recent study argues that the contraction in total trade that occurred during the crisis...




The "Deeper" and the "Wider" EU Strategies of Trade Integration: An Empirical Evaluation of EU Common Commercial Policy Effects (with Roberta De Santis), Global Economy Journal (2007)

Since the post war period, the EU Common Commercial Policy (CCP) has moved in two...



Hub-and-Spoke or else? Free trade agreements in the 'enlarged' European Union (with Luca De Benedictis and Roberta De Santis), European Journal of Comparative Economics (2005)

The object of this paper is to estimate if and how the Central European Free...


Dynamic Gravity models


A Note on Dummies for Policies in Gravity Models: a Montecarlo Experiment (with Maria Pina Cipollina, Luca Salvatici, and Luca De Benedictis), Roma 3 Dipartimento di Economia Working Paper n.180 (2013)

The use of the gravity model to evaluate the effect of policies in a cross-country...



The Euro's Effect on Trade in a Dynamic Setting (with Sergio de Nardis and Roberta De Santis), European Journal of Comparative Economics (2008)

This paper provides an update on estimates of the euro effect on trade integration among...



The Single Currency's Effects On Eurozone Sectoral Trade: Winners and Losers? (with Roberta De Santis and Sergio de Nardis), Economics, The Open Access , Open Assessment E-Journal (2008)

In this paper we study the effect of the single currency across industries for euro...


Trade Potentials in Gravity Panel Data Models (with Luca De Benedictis), Topics in Economic Analysis & Policy (2005)

The paper shows how - using as an example the trade flows between eleven European...



The Impact Of The Euro On Trade: The (Early) Effect Is Not So Large (with Sergio de Nardis), ENEPRI Working Paper n.17 (2003)

We investigate the impact of adoption of the euro on the commercial transactions of EMU...


Network Analysis and Trade


Network Analysis of World Trade using the BACI-CEPII dataset (with Luca De Benedictis, Silvia Nenci, Gianluca Santoni, and Lucia Tajoli), Global Economy Journal (2014)

In this paper we explore the BACI-CEPII database using Network Analysis. Starting from the visualization...