I am a macroeconomist interested in endogenous growth theory, optimal fiscal and
monetary policy, and emerging market business cycle models. I have recently been working
on Indian economic growth, emerging market business cycle models, and endogenous growth
models with endogenous investment specific technological change. I am currently an
Associate Professor in the Economics and Planning Unit (Department of Economics), at the
Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. 



Why were some Indian states so slow to participate in the Turnaround? (with Stephen Wright), Economic and Political Weekly (2013)

In earlier research we identified the start of the growth turnaround in the late 1980s....



Has India Emerged? Business Cycle Stylized Facts from a Transitioning Economy (with Radhika Pandey and Ila Patnaik), Structural Change and Economic Dynamics (2013)

This paper presents a comprehensive set of stylized facts for business cycles in India from...



India's Growth Turnaround (with Stephen Wright), The New Oxford Companion to Economics in India (2012)


The "V - Factor": Distribution, Timing, and Correlates of the Great Indian Growth Turnaround (with Stephen Wright), Journal of Development Economics (2012)

We analyse a panel of output series for India, disaggregated by 15 states and 14...




Responding to the Crisis and Restoring Growth: Global Cooperation Among G20 Countries: (with Michael Callaghan, Stephen Pickford, and Francis Rathinam) (2014)

At the outbreak of the global financial crisis, 2008, the G20 was widely acknowledged as...



The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Economy (2012)

India's remarkable economic growth in recent years has made it one of the fastest growing...


Unpublished Papers


Factor Income Taxation, Growth, and Investment Specific Technological Change (with Monisankar Bishnu and Pawan Gopalakrishnan), Indian Statistical Institute - Delhi Center Discussion Paper (2013)

We construct a tractable endogenous growth model with production externalities in which the public capital...



Sectoral Infrastructure Investment In An Unbalanced Growing Economy: The Case Of India (with Gerhard Glomm and Jialu Liu), Indian Statistical Institute - Delhi Center Discussion Paper (2012)

We study the sectoral allocation of public infrastructure investments in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors...




Book Review for: Global Capital Markets: Integration, Crisis and Growth , American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2006)