Thank you for stopping by my page. I am a librarian who in addition to
my regular duties is involved in research, writing, and online projects in my original
fields--namely, biogeography and evolutionary theory, systems theory, geography, and
history of science. I also do some avocational work in music. For more information, see
my professional homepage at , or google
the two terms 'wku' and 'charles.smith'. 



A Further Look at the 1858 Wallace-Darwin Mail Delivery Question, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (2013)

Recent investigations have led to a conclusion that Alfred Russel Wallace probably mailed his ‘Ternate’...



Wallace: the Review, and Wallace: the Preview, DLPS Faculty Publications (2013)

In this essay commemorating the one hundred year anniversary of his death, Alfred Russel Wallace...



"In Space" or "As Space"?: A New Model (with Megan Derr), Life (2012)

In this analysis natural systems are posed to subsystemize in a manner facilitating both structured...



Natural Selection: A Concept in Need of Some Evolution?, Complexity (2012)

In some respects natural selection is a quite simple theory, arrived at through the logical...






A taxon and faunal unit bibliography of publications concerning the geographical distribution of reptiles and...



The Once and Future Wallace, or, Evolutionary Theorizing in the Manner of Alfred Russel Wallace (2007)

A set of essays and empirical studies exploring the uses of "final causes" thinking in...



Malvina Reynolds: Song Lyrics and Poems (2006)

Song lyrics and poems by the children's and topical songs writer Malvina Reynolds.



The 111 Greatest Acts of the Anglo-American Folk Music Tradition (2006)

A ranked list of importance of Anglo-American folk and contemporary folk performers, with links to...



Some Biogeographers, Evolutionists and Ecologists: Chrono-Biographical Sketches (2005)

A collection of over 275 short biographical sketches of the main figures in the history...




Wallace and Incipient Structures: A World of "More Recondite" Influences, DLPS Faculty Publications (2013)

Alfred Russel Wallace is well-known for his co-discovery of the principle of natural selection. Natural...



Early Humboldtian Influences on Alfred Russel Wallace's Scheme of Nature [Presented at the Alfred Russel Wallace and His Legacy Royal Society of London Meeting, 21 October 2013], DLPS Faculty Publications (2013)

Alfred Russel Wallace’s 1858 Ternate paper on natural selection is a famous work in the...