Thank you for stopping by my page. I am a librarian who in addition to
my regular duties is involved in research, writing, and online projects in my original
fields--namely, biogeography and evolutionary theory, systems theory, geography, and
history of science. I also do some avocational work in music. For more information, see
my professional homepage at , or google
the two terms 'wku' and 'charles.smith'. 



Wallace, Darwin and Ternate 1858, Notes and Records of the Royal Society (2014)

Recent debates on the mailing date of Alfred Russel Wallace's ‘Ternate essay’ to Charles Darwin...



A Further Look at the 1858 Wallace-Darwin Mail Delivery Question, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (2013)

Recent investigations have led to a conclusion that Alfred Russel Wallace probably mailed his ‘Ternate’...



Wallace: the Review, and Wallace: the Preview, DLPS Faculty Publications (2013)

In this essay commemorating the one hundred year anniversary of his death, Alfred Russel Wallace...



"In Space" or "As Space"?: A New Model (with Megan Derr), Life (2012)

In this analysis natural systems are posed to subsystemize in a manner facilitating both structured...






A taxon and faunal unit bibliography of publications concerning the geographical distribution of reptiles and...



The Once and Future Wallace, or, Evolutionary Theorizing in the Manner of Alfred Russel Wallace (2007)

A set of essays and empirical studies exploring the uses of "final causes" thinking in...



Malvina Reynolds: Song Lyrics and Poems (2006)

Song lyrics and poems by the children's and topical songs writer Malvina Reynolds.



The 111 Greatest Acts of the Anglo-American Folk Music Tradition (2006)

A ranked list of importance of Anglo-American folk and contemporary folk performers, with links to...



Some Biogeographers, Evolutionists and Ecologists: Chrono-Biographical Sketches (2005)

A collection of over 275 short biographical sketches of the main figures in the history...




Wallace and Incipient Structures: A World of "More Recondite" Influences, DLPS Faculty Publications (2013)

Alfred Russel Wallace is well-known for his co-discovery of the principle of natural selection. Natural...



Early Humboldtian Influences on Alfred Russel Wallace's Scheme of Nature [Presented at the Alfred Russel Wallace and His Legacy Royal Society of London Meeting, 21 October 2013], DLPS Faculty Publications (2013)

Alfred Russel Wallace’s 1858 Ternate paper on natural selection is a famous work in the...