Top 10 Papers in Selected Works @ Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law *

  1. Juvenile Transfer Laws: An Effective Deterrent to Delinquency?, Richard E. Redding, Juvenile Justice Bulletin (2008).
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility in a Remedy-Seeking Society: A Public Choice Perspective, Donald J. Kochan, Chapman Law Review (symposium) (2014).
  3. Corporations are People Too: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to the Corporate Personhood Puzzle, Susanna K. Ripken, Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law (2009).
  4. Can We Secure the Hallowed Halls of Academe?, Denis Binder, ExpressO (2008).
  5. A SLAPP in the Face: Why Principles of Federalism Suggest that Federal District Courts Should Stop Turning the Other Cheek, Lisa Litwiller, J. Ct. Innov (2008).
  6. Policy Oscillation in California's Law of Premises Liability, Ronald L. Steiner, McGeorge Law Review (2007).
  7. The Emerging First Amendment Law of Managerial Prerogative, Lawrence Rosenthal, Fordham Law Review (2008).
  8. Law, Food, and Culture: Mexican Corn's National Identity Cooked in 'Tortilla Discourses' Post-TLC/NAFTA, Ernesto A. Hernandez-Lopez, St. Thomas Law Review (2008).
  9. Graduated Consent Theory, Explained and Applied, Tom W. Bell, ExpressO (2009).
  10. Good Faith and Fair Dealing in Commercial Leasing: The Right Doctrine in the Wrong Transaction, Daniel B. Bogart, John Marshall Law Review (2008).
* Based on the average number of full-text downloads per day since the paper was posted.
Updated as of 07/27/14