The National Institute for Trial Advocacy has published my most recent book,
"Administrative Agency Litigation". This is a clinical primer for lawyers, law
students, and clinicians interested in preparing for agency hearings. I am also pleased
to report that Lambert Academic Publishing published the dissertation for my doctorate in
Judicial Studies from the University of Nevada, Reno. The dissertation examines state
administrative agency adjudication hearings, and explores whether variables in agency
hearing structures affect participant perceptions of fairness in the hearings. The core
body of my writing concerns administrative adjudications, primarily in state agency
setting. I recently accepted an appointment as a federal administrative law judge. I have
also spent a substantial part of my professional career teaching law students (at Capital
University Law School, from 1995 to 2009) and judges (at the National Judicial College)
how to reason, research, and write in the law. The body of work located through this site
includes books and articles I have written in the hope of making it easier to understand
federal and state administrative adjudication processes. You can reach me at 614.571.6031



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