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Embedded Librarians: Moving beyond one-shot instruction

Cass Kvenild, University of Wyoming
Kaijsa Calkins, University of Wyoming


This first book-length treatment of embedded librarianship showcases strategies for successfully embedding librarians and library services across higher education. Chapters feature case studies and reports on projects from a wide variety of colleges and universities, including some surprising settings and results.

By joining varied groups of patrons and assisting their research over the long haul, embedded librarians commit themselves to service in a very different way than they did in traditional one-shot bibliographic instruction. In this collection, we see librarians using the embedded model to become valuable collaborators, trusted instructors, and partners in shaping the curriculum and broad institutional goals beyond the boundaries of the library.

This book is appropriate for academic librarians, academic libraries, schools of information science and librarianship, library educators, and researchers.

Suggested Citation

Cass Kvenild and Kaijsa Calkins. Embedded Librarians: Moving beyond one-shot instruction. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2011.

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