Peer-reviewed journal articles


May-Hegglin anomaly in a dog (with Bente Flatland, Michael M. Fry, Seung J. Baek, JH Bahn, Casey J. Leblanc, JR Dunlap, RC Carroll, DJ Kosiba, SE Schleis, and DJ Millsaps), Veterinary Clinical Pathology (2011)

An 8-year-old female spayed Pug dog was presented for evaluation of cutaneous lesions occurring secondary...



Leukocyte and platelet changes following low-dose lipopolysaccharide administration in five dogs (with Bente Flatland, Michael M. Fry, and Barton W. Rohrbach), Research in Veterinary Science (2011)

Effects of low-dose LPS (0.1 μg/kg i.v.) on leukocyte and platelet parameters measured using an...



Evaluation of peripheral blood neutrophil function in tumor-bearing dogs (with Amy LeBlanc; M M. Jones; Joe Bartges DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN; and Stephen A. Kania), Veterinary Clinical Pathology/ American Society for Clinical Pathology (2010)

BACKGROUND: Peripheral blood neutrophils of untreated human cancer patients have been shown to have normal,...



Flow cytometric evaluation of multidrug resistance proteins on grossly normal canine nodal lymphocyte membranes (with S E. Schleis, Amy K. LeBlanc, and Nancy R. Nielson), American Journal of Veterinary Research (2008)

OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate efficacy of flow cytometric evaluation of expression and activity of P-glycoprotein (P-gp)...



Effects of dietary supplementation with fish oil on in vivo production of inflammatory mediators in clinically normal dogs (with David W. Horohov, John E. Bauer, Giselle Hosgood, and Glenna E. Mauldin), American Journal of Veterinary Research (2008)

Objective—To evaluate the effect of diets enriched with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)...


Book Chapters

Hemostasis, Manual of Equine Anestheia & Analgesia (2006)

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Radiotherapy-induced myelosuppression in dogs: 103 cases (2002-2006) (with T Clermont; Amy K. LeBlanc; William H. Adams; and Joe Bartges DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN), Veterinary and Comparative Oncology (2011)

Definitive radiotherapy refers to delivery of large doses, typically 48-62 Gray, of ionizing radiation over...