Anticipating Technological Change: Predictions, Trends and Gadgets

Carol A. Watson, University of Georgia School of Law Library


With the current economic downtown, today's business environment is more competitive than ever. Businesses that distinguish themselves in any small way and provide cost-savings, can gain a significant advantage over their rivals. To emphasize the point, note that the ABA Techshow 2009 has a session titled: If You’re Not Serving Your Clients Online, Someone Else Will Be. It is, therefore, essential that attorneys harness technology and remain up-to-date on the latest computer developments . In this paper, I will begin by discussing technologies that are currently available on the web that will increase your abilities to collaborate, reduce your office overhead and provide you with a competitive edge. I will highlight current technology trends and predictions and include examples of new gadgets that illustrate these predictions. Finally, I will conclude with a list of frivolous gadgets that will hopefully make you smile, provide food for thought and excite you about the coming prospects of technology.

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