Dr. C. Eduardo Siqueira is Associate Professor in the College of Public and
Community Service (CPCS) at UMass Boston. He is also Coordinator of the Transnational
Brazilian Project at The Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and
Public Policy. He was Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health and
Sustainability at the University of Massachusetts Lowell between 2005 and 2011, where he
has researched the political economy of the migration of hazards between developed and
developing countries, healthcare workers’ work environment policy issues, and
environmental justice for Brazilian immigrants. 

He was one of the editors of the journal New Solutions, a Journal of Occupational and
Environmental Health Policy. For information about the Journal, go to the website

He published articles and book chapters on workplace safety and health, health policy,
and Brazilian immigration to the U.S. He wrote the book Dependent Convergence: The
Struggle to Control Petrochemical Hazards in Brazil and the United States, Baywood
Publishing Inc. 

Research Reports


Socio-Economic Profile of Brazilian Businesses in Allston-Brighton (with Alvaro Lima), Gastón Institute Publications (2011)

Several studies published in Brazil and in the U.S. focus on the ethnic identity formation,...



Project COBWEB: A Report on Brazilian Immigrant Workers in Massachusetts (with Andrea Barbosa) (2008)

This second report focuses on Project COBWEB's occupational health and safety research findings, based on...



Brazilians in the U.S. and Massachusetts: A Demographic and Economic Profile (with Alvaro Lima), Gastón Institute Publications (2007)

Brazil has long seen itself as a destination for immigrants from across the globe, welcoming...



Project COBWEB Report (2005)

Project COBWEB (Collaboration for a Better Work Environment for Brazilians) or Parceria in Portuguese began...




OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH PROFILE OF BRAZILIAN IMMIGRANT HOUSECLEANERS IN MASSACHUSETTS (with Andrea Gouveia Roche), New Solutions, a Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy (2013)

The occupational health and safety conditions of a sample of Brazilian housecleaners in Massachusetts are...



Health Profile of Brazilian Mothers in Massachusetts in the Twenty First Century (with Teresa Roberts and Fernanda Lucchese), Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana (2013)

This paper describes the health profile of Brazilian mothers in Massachusetts according to data collected...



Effects of social, economic, and labor policies on occupational health disparities (with Megan Gaydos, Celeste Monforton, Craig Slatin, Liz Borkowski, Peter Dooley, Amy Liebman, Erica Rosenberg, Glenn Shor, and Matthew Keifer), American Journal of Industrial Medicine (2013)


Latino Voices in New England, Latino Studies (2012)

Book review of the book Latinos in New England.



Vocational health schools (ETSUS) in Brazil: regulation of the integration of teaching-service-administrative sustainability of ETSUS (with Fabiano Tonaco Borges, Cléa Ada Saliba Garbin, Artênio Jósé Crispin Garbin, Najara Barbosa da Rocha, Luíz Fernando Lolli, and Suzely Adas Saliba Moimaz), Ciência&Saúde Coletiva (2012)

The scope of this study was to discuss the administrative sustainability of Brazil’s Vo- cational...




Anatomia da privatização neoliberal do Sistema Único de Saúde: O Papel das Organizações Sociais de Saúde (with Fabiano Tonaco Borges, Suzely Abas Saliba Moimaz, and Cléa Abas Saliba Garbin) (2012)

O objetivo da elaboração desta obra foi dissecar as partes

que compõem o processo de...


Unpublished Papers



Cultural Conversations with Brazilian and Dominican Transnationals: Implications for Health and Wellbeing (with Cristina Brinkerhoff, Rosalyn Negrón, Amanda Reich, and Linda Sprague Martinez), National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities (2014)

This poster summarizes the results of several cultural conversations with Brazilian and Dominican immigrants in...



UMass Boston – Brazilian Immigrant Center Partnership (with Tim Sieber; Natalicia Tracy; and Gaston Institute, University of Massachusetts Boston), Office of Community Partnerships Posters (2013)

The Brazilian Immigrant Center (BIC) does organizing, advocacy and training to reduce marginalization of Brazilian...