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Operation Comics #6: The Return of Captain Confusion

Bruce Kessler, Western Kentucky University
Tressa Tullis, Western Kentucky University


This is the sixth of a series of comics that embed mathematics appropriate for grades 4 through 6 in story told in comic book format. Printed versions of this comic are being used by students at Cumberland Trace Elementary in Bowling Green, KY. The comic is available as an e-book for the Nook at the link provided above. Hard copies of the comic are available at Supplementary materials are available for free below. For more information on the origin and goals of this comic, see the pre-print of the paper "Comic Books That Teach Mathematics" at

In this sixth issue, Captain Confusion, Wonderguy's arch-nemesis from Operation Comics #1, has escaped from jail and devised a plan to exact revenge on Wonderguy, using information from his sister, who is working as Wonderguy's secretary.

In this issue, the mathematical concepts of the arithmetic mean, multiplying positive and negative numbers, and additive inverses are discussed. Also, the science topics of genetics and dominant/recessive genes are discussed.

Suggested Citation

Bruce Kessler and Tressa Tullis. Operation Comics #6: The Return of Captain Confusion. Bowling Green, KY: Western Kentucky University Research Foundation, 2012.
Available at:

OperationComics6_sample.pdf (778 kB)
This is a small sample from Operation Comics #6, showing some of the mathematics content in the comic.

teacher_sup_6.pdf (896 kB)
This is a supplement for teachers using the comics, that includes solutions to the accompanying worksheets.

mean_sup.pdf (171 kB)
This student worksheet reinforces the concept of finding the mean of two numbers.

add_inv_sup.pdf (170 kB)
This student worksheet reinforces the concept of finding the additive inverse of an integer.

mult_int_sup.pdf (445 kB)
This student worksheet reinforces the concept of multiplying positive and negative numbers.