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A Dynamic View of Cultural Influence: A Review

Donnel A. Briley, University of Sydney
Robert S. Wyer Jr., Chinese University of Hong Kong
En Li, Central Queensland University


Static models of culture’s influence have given way to a dynamic view, which identifies not only differences across cultures in people’s judgments and decisions, but also the situations and conditions in which these differences do or do not appear. Theory and evidence developed from a cognitive psychological perspective underlie this dynamic approach, including research emerging from the “dynamic constructivist” and “situated cognition” models. In the present review, we focus on findings that confirm the utility of this cognitively oriented approach, and briefly discuss the advantages and complementary nature of the “social collective” and neuroscience approaches to understanding culture.

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Donnel A. Briley, Robert S. Wyer Jr., and En Li. "A Dynamic View of Cultural Influence: A Review" Journal of Consumer Psychology 24.4 (2014): 557-571.
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