Dr. Bridget Lyons, Professor of Finance, integrates financial theory with over
twenty years of experience in corporate finance, credit and valuation. In addition to her
university responsibilities, she provides consulting and training services to World Bank
Group and a number of investment banks and hedge funds. She is on the Board of Directors
of the National Business & Economics Society and is an Editor of the Journal of
Financial Modeling & Educational Technology. 

She received a B.A. in Economics from Georgetown University where she graduated Magna Cum
Laude and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. After working as a financial analyst and commercial
banker, she received a M.S. in Finance from Columbia University, and a Doctorate of
Professional Studies with a concentration in Finance from Pace University, where she was
the recipient of the Outstanding Doctoral Student award. 

Bridget teaches financial management and corporate finance to undergraduate and MBA
students and serves as faculty advisor for internships in finance and business economics.
Her teaching emphasizes effective use of technology, financial modeling and
activity-based learning techniques. 

Professor Lyons' teaching, research and consulting interests include corporate
finance, performance metrics, financial modeling, valuation and environmentalism as a
source of competitive advantage. 

Professor Lyons has received several awards for her teaching and scholarship including
the "2007 Innovative Paper of Excellence Award" from the National Business
Press, the University’s 2006 Teaching Excellence award, the First Annual University
College Faculty Excellence Award (2004), Applied Research Award (2003), and Outstanding
Contribution Award from the Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment (1999). 

She has published in a variety of academic and professional journals including Strategic
Finance, Journal of Cost Management and the Journal of Business & Economic Studies. 

Professor Lyons has presented at national and regional conferences including the
Financial Management Association, the Eastern Finance Association, the Financial
Education Association and the Eastern Economic Association. 



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