Brant J. Hellwig is an expert in the field of federal taxation. He teaches a variety
of tax courses, including Federal Income Taxation of Individuals, Partnership Taxation,
Corporate Taxation, and Estate and Gift Taxation. His scholarship in the tax field is
similarly varied, ranging from the income tax treatment of deferred compensation
arrangements of corporate executives to the estate tax treatment of closely held business
entities employed as trust substitutes. 



Taxing Structured Settlements (with Gregg D. Polsky), Boston College Law Review (2010)


Close the Yield Exemption Loophole Created by Childs (with Gregg D. Polsky), Tax Notes (2009)


Estate and Gift Taxation (with Robert T. Danforth) (2011)

Book Chapters


Nonqualified Deferred Compensation and the Pre-Statutory Limits on Deferral, Federal Income Taxation of Retirement Plans (2008)