Creating an Institutional Repository “on the Cheap”

Brad Matthies, Butler University


Digital Commons is a product from bepress™ for creating an open access institutional repository. Butler University Libraries have used Digital Commons to create a repository for Butler theses and faculty research, Selected Works pages to highlight the publications of Butler faculty and staff, and open electronic journal access for a discontinued journal and a continuing print-based journal, both published by Butler. We plan to demonstrate the utility of the Digital Commons product for the development of an open access repository for Butler University and share the methods we have employed to maximize the use of the resources available to us to implement it. These initiatives are all being led by library staff because of the great benefits to the library from the development of a repository and because the skills and knowledge required to best implement this kind of system resides in the library. The creation of the repository includes not only the scanning of print sources and entry of material into the system but also requires a system to ensure appropriate collection development policies for the repository contents and a system to obtain appropriate copyright permissions for all materials to be placed in the repository. However, the assumption of this responsibility by the library provides a challenge for staffing in a small library without extra resources, financial and human, to meet the increased demand. Our talk will provide an overview of the Digital Commons product, our creative use of current staffing, student workers, and interns to meet the demands of the work load, and an overview of the policies and processes we have put into place to manage the content, workflows, and permissions tracking for the three components of this project.

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Presentation Without Transitions

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