Boyd Petersen's background is in Romanticism and Religious Studies. He
regularly teaches Literature of the Sacred and Mormon Literature and is the program
coordinator for Mormon Studies. He is currently the President of the Association for
Mormon Letters and the Book Review Editor for the Journal of Mormon History. 


PhD, University of Utah, Comparative Literature 

MA, University of Maryland, Comparative Literature 

BA, Brigham Young University, French and International Relations 

Bible and Literature


“Landscapes of Seduction: Terry Tempest Williams’s Desert Quartet and the Biblical Song of Songs”, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (2002)

Like the Song of Songs, Terry Tempest Williams's Desert Quartet submerges its reader in a...




The Reality of Artifice: Villiers de l'Isle Adam's L'Eve future and the Anxiety of Reproduction, New York Review of Science Fiction (2006)

First, Villier's L'Eve future employs a poetics of confusion, calling into question binary oppositions and...



“Double or Phantom?: Transgenerational Haunting in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”, The New York Review of Science Fiction (2005)

The psychoanalitical theories of Nicholas Abraham and Maria Torok offer a new interpretive lens through...


Mormon Studies


"Redeemed from the Curse Placed upon Her": Dialogic Discourse on Eve in the Woman's Exponent, Journal of Mormon History (2014)

Some fifty years before Virginia Woolf published A Room of One's Own, many Mormon women...



"One Soul Shall Not Be Lost": The War in Heaven in Mormon Thought, Journal of Mormon History (2012)

In this essay I look at the war in heaven from five different angles. First,...



Soulcraft 101: Faith, Doubt, and the Process of Education, Sunstone (2009)

Explores the interplay of education and doubt in the process of faith creation.



Truth is Stranger than Folklore: Hugh Nibley, the Man and the Legend, Sunstone (2002)

Separating the folklore from the fact proved difficult in creating a biography of Mormon scholar...



The Home Dance: Hugh Nibley among the Hopi, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought (1998)