Rethinking "Insurance," Especially after A.I.G., Denver University Law Review (2009)


Tenure Buyouts: Employment Death Taxes and the Curious Obesity of "Wages", University of Pittsburgh Law Review (2009)

Prior to January of 1994, institutions of higher education could appeal to an exemption in...



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The Act of State doctrine generally dictates that American courts not sit in judgment with...



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The privatization of Social Security could have promised profound challenges to the investor control doctrine...



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In light of the federal government's plenary collection powers, the states have, for several years,...


Contributions to Books

Life Insurance Companies, The Law of Federal Income Taxation (2000)

Unpublished Papers


Serfs at the Mercy of a Hungry Beast: Aggressive Regressivity, Private Equity, and the Quandary of the St. Luke Imperative (2008)

Currently, there exists a split in the U.S. Courts of Appeals with respect to whether...