Brian Kennelly is Chief Reader Designate (2015-2016) for the Advanced Placement
French Language and Culture examination and Professor of French in Cal Poly's
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. 

[Updated: 17 June 2015] 

Refereed Articles


“En dire trop sur les Noirs? Contextualizing Genet’s Preface to Les Nègres”, Journal of Arts & Humanities (2014)

What does the French playwright Jean Genet accomplish by rewriting the lengthy preface that he...



Reading Differently, Rereading for Difference in Versions of Rimbaud's "Mouvement", Journal of Literature, Language and Linguistics (2007)

How to engage students to reread Arthur Rimbaud’s 1886 poem “Mouvement” differently? What can they...



Beauty in Bastardy? Breytenbach on Afrikaans and the Afrikaners, PORTAL: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies (2005)

Throughout the twentieth century activists in South Africa for the Afrikaans language struggled with, yet...



Unfinished Business: Tracing Incompletion in Jean Genet's Posthumously Published Plays (1997)

This is the first study systematically to appraise Splendid's, «Elle», and Le Bagne, the three...




Improving Student Performance on the Cultural Comparison, AP Annual Conference: Las Vegas, Nevada (2013)


Improving Student Performance on the Persuasive Essay, AP Annual Conference: Las Vegas, Neveda (2013)


Making Connections: Applying the AP French Language and Culture Scoring Guidelines to Student Samples, Southwest Conference on Language Teaching: Henderson, NV (2013)


Designing Thematic Instruction with Authentic Resources: Alienation and Assimilation (with Davara Potel), American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages Convention (2012)



Cross-Curricular Connections: AP® Seminar and AP® French Language and Culture, Lycée International de Los Angeles (2015)

After providing an overview of AP Seminar, which is the first course in a two-year...