Professor William MacGillivray BSc(Hons)(UQ), PhD(UQ) 

Bill MacGillivray was appointed as Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Southern Cross University in
April 2007. Prior to commencing at SCU he was Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Quality)
and the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). 

A physicist by training, Bill is a man passionate about education, research and the
advancement of science. In a teaching, scientific research and administration career
spanning three decades, Professor MacGillivray has established an impressive list of
credentials. He has published or presented some 150 papers at national and international
conferences, raised in excess of $3 million worth of external competitive grants and
$750,000 worth of university grants and has supervised 15 PhD and approsimately 50
honours students. 

At Southern Cross University, Professor MacGillivrary sees his role as providing
leadership across the whole academic portfolio with the aim of strengthening the
excellent work already underway in areas like staff and student support, quality
assurance and international activities, to futher build the University's solid
reputation at home and abroad. 

Journal articles


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Super-elastic scattering processes can be considered as the ‘time reversal’ of electron–photon coincidence measurements, with...



Theoretical modeling of resonant laser excitation of atoms in a magnetic field (with Andrew James Murray and Martyn Hussey), Physical Review A (2008)

The interaction of near-resonant laser radiation with atoms immersed in a magnetic B field is...



Superelastic electron scattering within a magnetic angle changer: determination of the angular momentum transferred during electron excitation over all scattering angles (with Martyn Hussey, Andrew James Murray, and George C. King), Physical Review Letters (2007)

By utilising super-elastic electron scattering from laser excited atoms together with a new Magnetic Angle...