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Over 30 yr of technological evolution have resulted in sophisticated instrumentation for in-clinic laboratories, yet...



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OBJECTIVE: To systematically examine the evidence relating to the performance of rotational viscoelastic testing in...



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OBJECTIVE: To examine systematically the evidence on sample acquisition and handling for the thrombo elastography...



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As all laboratory equipment ages and contains components that may degrade with time, initial and...



ASVCP guidelines: quality assurance for point-of-care testing in veterinary medicine (with K P. Freeman, L M. Vap, and K E. Harr), Veterinary Clinical Pathology (2013)

Point-of-care testing (POCT) refers to any laboratory testing performed outside the conventional reference laboratory and...


Non-Peer Reviewed

Minimizing laboratory errors, Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Techniques for the Veterinary Technician (In Press) (2013)

Contributed 3 cases to Feline Infectious Diseases, Self-Assessment Colour Review of Feline Infectious Diseases (2009)

No subject area


Analytical performance of a dry chemistry analyzer designed for in-clinic use (with L Breickner and Michael M. Fry), Veterinary Clinical Pathology (2014)

BACKGROUND: The Heska Dri-Chem 4000 uses dry slide technology to evaluate serum or plasma. No...