My persistent research interests include: school and community relations, leadership
for social justice, charter schools, and alternative forms of school accountability
including site visitations. 

My work has been published in the following journals: The Journal of Educational Change,
The Journal of Education for Students Placed At-Risk, Multicultural Education, The
Journal of School Choice, The Journal of Thought, The School Community Journal, and the
International Journal of Educational Reform. 

I am an active member of the AERA Educational Change and Chaos and Complexity SIGs, as
well as the CHANGE division of the Association for Educational Communications and



Principles of leading change: An inductive analysis from Post-Katrina New Orleans, Policy Futures in Education (2014)

Despite over forty years of research on theories of educational change, little is known of...



Parental Voucher Enrollment Decisions: Choice Within Choice in New Orleans, Journal of School Choice (2013)

Set in the context of a choice-saturated public school system, this study examines the school...



Turbulence, perturbance, and educational change, Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education (2012)

While scholarship on educational change has long accepted that disruptions to the status quo are...



Portfolio Management Districts and Rebuilding Inequality, Childhood Education (2011)

Despite over fifty years of near-constant educational reform movements in the USA, most attempts at...



Leadership for Change in the Educational wild west of Post-Katrina New Orleans, The Journal of Educational Change (2010)

This study examines the perceptions of public school principals in New Orleans, Louisiana during the...


Contributions to Books


Community engagement as a central activity in new charter schools (with Joseph L. Boselovic), The power of community engagement for educational change (2016)

While there is a growing body of literature on community engagement and community organizing as...



Community Leadership: Seeking Social Justice while Re-creating Public Schools in post-Katrina New Orleans, International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Social (In)Justice (2013)

As New Orleans becomes an important reform model, many have been attracted to the simplistic...



Reconciling Student Outcomes and Community Self-Reliance in Modern School Reform Contexts (with Andre M. Perry), De-testing & De-grading Schools: Authentic Alternatives to Accountability and Standardization (2013)

Education for African Americans has historically been linked to the broad movement to improve their...



Family and Community Engagement in Charter Schools (with Lindsey B. Jakiel), Handbook on Family and Community Engagement (2011)


Change Agentry (with Alison A. Carr-Chellman), Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology (3rd Ed.) (2007)

This chapter presents theoretical foundations and empirical findings of the construct of change agentry in...


Popular Press


Pre-K is proving a worthy investment in La., Jackson Clarion-Ledger (2013)

In case anyone has doubts about the return on investment on public pre-K programs, see...



What gets inspected gets done: A Guest Column, The Times-Picayune (2011)

We are undoubtedly in the age of accountability in public education. But the almost completely...



New School Mirrors the Community, The Times-Picayune (2010)

Much has been written celebrating the first five years of school reforms since Katrina. Scores...