Barlow Burke is John S. Myers and Alvina Reckman Myers Scholar and professor of law.
He holds expertise in real estate, real estate financial transactions, local government,
land use, natural resources and Environmental Law. Earlier in his career he was a
consultant for the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development on Real Estate Settlement
Procedures Act; U.S. Dept. of Agriculture on Foreign Enactment Reporting Act; he was also
involved with the Federal Judicial Center on abuse of civil discovery. He is the author
of treatises on real estate brokerage, title insurance, and federal mortgage documents;
of student texts on real and personal property, real estate transactions, and land use;
and of numerous law review articles. 



Tribute to the Honorable Irma Raker Upon Her Retirement, Articles in Law Reviews & Other Academic Journals (2008)

In this article the author pays tribute to Judge Raker’s pre-law school tour de force...


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Tributes: The Honorable Iram S. Raker (with Robert M. Bell, Glenn T. Harrell, Mary Ellen Barbera, Andrew L. Sonner, David A. Aaronson, Elizabeth I. Boals, Anthony C. Morella, Bruce A. Fredrickson, Linda D. Schwartz, and Gerard M. Babendreir), American University Law Review (2008)