Azzeddine Azzam is professor of agricultural economics at the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. Azzeddine has broad research and teaching interests including
industrial organization, microeconomics, agricultural and natural resource economics, and
mathematical and quantitative methods. He has published on a broad range of topical
issues such as the impact of captive supplies on fed cattle prices, asymmetry and
rigidity in farm to retail price transmission, market transparency and market structure,
the impact of anti-corporate farming laws on the cattle feeding industry in Nebraska,
market power and cost-efficiency in the US and the Swedish meat processing industries and
in the GCC banking industry, welfare analysis food price cap policy in the United Arab
Emirates, and agricultural productivity and drought in Morocco. 

Azzam taught applied microeconomics as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University and
empirical industrial organization as a Fulbright Scholar at the Swedish University of
Agricultural Sciences. He served as senior economic advisor at the Dubai Chamber of
Commerce and Industry and as chair of the economics department at the University of
Dubai, where he also taught undergraduate microeconomics and MBA managerial economics. 

He is a lifetime research fellow of the Economic Research Forum, a member of Phi Beta
Delta, the Honor Society of International Scholars; and the recipient of the University
of Nebraska 2008 Excellence in Graduate Education Award for Outstanding Contributions to
Graduate Education. 

He is founder and past director of CAFIO: Center of Agricultural and Food Industrial
Organization, founder and editor of JAFIO: Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial
Organization, and founder and managing editor of RURALS: Review of Undergraduate Research
in Agricultural and Life Sciences. He served as associate editor of the American Journal
of Agricultural Economics, Western Journal of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness: An
International Journal, and Middle East Development Journal. He has numerous publications
in internationally refereed journals. 

Azzeddine is a Moroccan-born U.S citizen, married to Sara Melin, a Swedish-born U.S
citizen. Azzeddine and Sara have four children. 



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