Dr. Arun S. Mujumdar Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore, Singapore 



Effect of Various Pretreatments on the Quality of Vacuum-Fried Carrot Chips (with Liu-ping Fan and M. Zhang), Drying Technology (2006)

Carrot slices were subjected to the following four different pretreatments prior to vacuum frying: (1)...



R&D Needs and Opportunities in Pulse Combustion and Pulse Combustion Drying (with Zhonghua Wu), Drying Technology (2006)

This short communication attempts to summarize briefly the authors’ opinions on R&D needs and opportunities...



Spray dryers: modeling and simulation (with V. S. Birchal, L. X. Huang, and M. L. Passos), Drying Technology (2006)

This work presents a simulation study of the spray dryer operation using the whole milk...


Contributions to Books

Chapter (with P. Y. McCormack), Concise Edition of Kirk & Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (2006)

Fluidized bed drying (with Chung Lim Law), Handbook of Industrial Drying (2006)


Investigation of pulse combustion impingement to enhance paper drying (with Z.H. Wu, X.D. Xu, and L. Yang) (2006)