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Representations of youth in local media: Implications for library service

Anthony Bernier, San Jose State University

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This study is the first content analysis of news media representations of young adults specifically connected to the possible implications for library service for this age group. News and feature stories about young adults in two California newspapers surveyed over a consecutive three-month period between January and March 2007 identified common patterns in the collective representations of youth which raise questions about the potential institutional implications of these portrayals for young adult services. Analysis of the survey found young people were depicted routinely as troubled, troubling, and dangerous, a finding consistent with more than a decade of general media research. Examining these representations may help libraries become better and more critically informed about actual youth behaviors and thus initiate institutional debate about more effective service approaches with this age group which constitutes significant portion of library users.

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Anthony Bernier. "Representations of youth in local media: Implications for library service" Library & Information Science Research 33.2 (2011): 158-167.