Dr. Angela (Angie) Moe is a Professor of Sociology at Western Michigan University,
with an affiliation with the Gender and Women's Studies Department. She also serves
as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Sociology. 

Her degrees include a PhD in Justice Studies, Law and the Social Sciences from Arizona
State University (2001), an MS in Criminal Justice from the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1998), and a BA in Criminal Justice from the University of
Wisconsin-Eau Claire (1996). Additionally, she earned a Graduate Certificate in
Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness, with a specialization in healing through
movement, at Western Michigan University in 2013. 

Dr. Moe's areas of expertise include violence against women, feminist criminology,
maternal health, and embodiment. She approaches her research primarily through a feminist
qualitative epistemology which lends itself to in-depth interviewing, participant
observation, and field research. Her current lines of work center on 1) the connections
between maternal depression, domestic violence and pregnancy; 2) cultural discourse
surrounding pregnancy and early motherhood and women's subversions thereof; and 3)
women's holistic healing through Middle Eastern Dance. Among her over two dozen
publications are refereed articles in Violence Against Women, Women's Studies
Quarterly, Affilia, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, The Journal of Contemporary
Ethnography, Women and Therapy, Women and Criminal Justice, and Criminal Justice Studies. 

Dr. Moe holds memberships in several professional organizations, including Sociologists
for Women in Society and the Midwest Sociological Society. She is active locally, as a
Board Director and currently Board Chairwoman, of the Kalamazoo County Child Abuse and
Neglect Prevention Council. 

Dr. Moe has taught a variety of classes for the Department of Sociology and the Criminal
Justice Program, including Principles of Sociology, Modern Social Problems, Introduction
to Criminal Justice, Juvenile Delinquency, Child Abuse, Gender and Justice, Criminal
Justice Process, Victimology, Advanced Victimology, Research Design and Data Collection,
Qualitative Research, Proseminar in Sociology, and Teaching Practicum. She is active
within four of the department's graduate concentrations: Gender/Feminism,
Criminology, Methods/Applied, and Race/Ethnicity. She also serves on the Advisory Board
for the Department of Gender and Women's Studies. 

Dance and Performance

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I’m waiting backstage. The last minute checks… Shoes? I can’t bend down far enough to...


Violence Against Women


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Professional Development

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