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Intellectual property: text and essential cases

Rocque Reynolds, Southern Cross University
Natalie Stoianoff, University of Technology, Sydney
Angela Adrian, Southern Cross University
Alpana Roy, University of Technology, Sydney


Intellectual Property: Text and Essential Cases continues to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date legal analysis of the cases and legislation which comprise modern intellectual property law.

This edition adds resale royalty rights for visual artists to its coverage of the major IP topics: copyright, moral rights, performers' protection, patents, trademarks, designs, plant breeder's rights, circuit layouts and confidential information. It also analyses the new Competition and Consumer Act 2011 (Cth) as it relates to passing off and related actions. The impact of challenging cases such as IceTV is considered in detail and extracts of impoertant new cases have been added to the book.

Suggested Citation

Reynolds, R, Stoianoff, N, Adrian, A & Roy, A 2011, Intellectual Property: text and essential cases, 4th edn, Federation Press, Sydney, NSW. ISBN:9781862878709.

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