The primary focus of my research is to understand what stimulates the Gulf of Maine
ecosystem to change from one year to the next. I have examined how conditions in the
Labrador Sea impact plankton communities in the Gulf of Maine which subsequently lead to
changes in populations of fish and whales. I also have a strong interest in computer
science and modeling. Presently, I'm developing computer models that reconstruct and
forecast changes in zooplankton in the Gulf of Maine. I am leading a project utilizing
satellite data and models to predict the location of endangered North Atlantic right
whales in the Gulf of Maine. In addition to my position in the School of Marine Sciences,
I am a Research Scientist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland. More
detailed and current information on my activities can be found at the Seascape Modeling
website and on my lab's blog. 



The Impact of Whaling on the Ocean Carbon Cycle: Why Bigger Was Better (with L. L. Christensen, N. R. Record, G. D. Sherwood, and P. N. Stetson), Plos One (2010)

Background: Humans have reduced the abundance of many large marine vertebrates, including whales, large fish,...