Professor Lazowski's Ph. D. thesis concerns Kleinian groups and hyperbolic
geometry. Here at Sacred Heart he continues to research these topics in addition to other
subjects. For example, he published works concerning math-biology education and
stochastic processes. Also, he has submitted work in voting theory and even theology. 

Grants awarded: New Hampshire Institute of Politics Jeanne D. Smith Research Incentive
Fund. (Topic is voting theory.) 



An Explicit Construction of Kleinian Groups With Small Limit Sets, Expositiones Mathematicae (2014)

This paper provides an explicit construction of Kleinian groups that have small Hausdorff dimension of...



Conditions for Infinitely Generated Kleinian Groups With Small Limit Sets, Journal of Dynamical Systems and Geometric Theories (2013)

We provide conditions for an infinitely generated Kleinian group to have its exponent of convergence...



Mathematics in Conservation The Case of the Endangered Florida Panther (with Geffrey Stopper), National Center For Case Study Teaching In Science (2013)

This interrupted case study teaches probability theory and transmission genetics through their application to the...



A Case Study in Elementary Statistics: The Florida Panther Population (with Geffrey F. Stopper), PRIMUS (2013)

We describe a case study that was created to intertwine the fields of biology and...



Finite Factors of Bernoulli Schemes and Distinguishing Labelings of Directed Graphs (with Stephen M. Shea), Mathematics Faculty Publications (2012)

A labeling of a graph is a function from the vertices of the graph to...


Contributions to Books

Mathematics In Conservation: The Case of the Endangered Florida Panther (with Geffrey Stopper), Science Stories You Can Count On (2014)